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Manufacturing The 3D Glasses That We Sell

One of the most eye-opening advantages of purchasing paper 3D Glasses from us is our all purpose manufacturing facility. We do our own factory production, in coordination with our in-house graphics department. This assures you of several important benefits:

  • Greater quality control

  • Customizing versatility

  • Faster turnaround of orders

  • More responsive customer service

  • Cost effective prices


When you call 3D Glasses Direct, you can always be sure that you're talking with a knowledgeable professional. You can be certain that we will have all the answers since all pre-production, design and manufacturing are housed under one roof for your convenience and our concern for uncompromising quality.

3D Glasses Direct

A Division of Rainbow Symphony Inc. 

6860 Canby Ave.

Suite 120

Reseda, California


Toll Free Number: 800-821-5122

Phone: 818-708-8400

Fax: 818-708-8470






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