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Eclipse Daily News - Eclipse 2001
Volume 7, Number 1 - June 10, 2002
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The first solar eclipse of 2002 is annular with a path
that stretches the breadth of the Pacific Ocean.

Millions Of People Will Be Watching:


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RESEDA, California – The first solar eclipse of 2002 is annular with a path that stretches the breadth of the Pacific Ocean. The partial phases are visible from eastern Asia and most of North America. The Moon's antumbral shadow first touches down on along the north coast of Sulawesi. Racing across the Celebes Sea, the antumbra engulfs the Indonesian islands of Pulau Sangihe and Kepulauan Talaud. Leaving Indonesia, the shadow's trajectory takes it over a long track across the Pacific. From this point on, the antumbra encounters no other populated islands across the Pacific. Greatest eclipse occurs at 23:48:15 UT about 2600 kilometers northwest of the Hawaiian Islands. As the track begins to swing to the southeast, its width and central duration begin to increase. Just before reaching its terminus, the antumbra passes 50 kilometers south of the southern tip of Baja, Mexico at 01:32 UT. In the final seconds of its earthbound trajectory, the shadow reaches the Pacific coast of Mexico, 30 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta. Under favorable weather conditions, observers on the center line will witness a spectacular ring of fire on the horizon as the Sun sets just after annularity. The central duration is 1 minute 7 seconds and the magnitude is 0.981. Atmospheric refraction will actually displace the end of the path to the southeast so that the entire annular phase will occur before sunset for observes on or near the coast.

Partial phases of the eclipse are visible from much of North America, the Pacific and western Asia. Local circumstances for a number of cities are listed in Table 2 All times are given in Universal Time. The Sun's altitude and azimuth, the eclipse magnitude and obscuration are all given at the instant of maximum eclipse.

Text & Images Fred Espenak / NASA
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Global Map of the
2002 Eclipse
Local Circumstances
for Solar Eclipse of
2002 June 10

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