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Using 3D Glasses In Advanced Sales

Local retail and convenience stores are effective allies for pre-selling your 3d glasses 7-14 days in advance of the event, whether it be a fireworks display, a laser show or some other 3-D promotion. It's easy to enlist their help because it enables them to get involved with major promotions that generate positive exposure and customer traffic for their stores.


In many cases, you can get the retailer to sell your 3D Glasses for a specified amount, without charging you any fee or commission. One excellent way to attract this kind of retailer support is  to custom print the store logo or coupon on the 3d glasses.


Another effective marketing angle  is to strike a deal with the local radio station. Our  durable 3D and Fireworks Glasses cross promote especially well with  concerts and outdoor remotes. Print the station's logo on the glasses in exchange for free air time promoting the event. You can actually turn this into a  three way promotional coup where everybody involved wins. The retailer  gets free advertising as the distribution point for the glasses...hence, increased store business. The radio station becomes part of a unique promotion that enhances its visibility. And...most're able to pre-sell your 3D Glasses for a nice profit.


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