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Design Creativity With 3D Glasses

Imagine almost any kind of design for your 3-D Glasses. Then, bring your ideas to 3D Glasses Direct and we'll make them a reality. With our own in-house printing and die-cutting facilities, we can develop a wide variety of styles beyond our standard creations.

Whether it's for a laser light show, a product intro campaign or a trade show promotion, we're experts at fitting the glasses   to the occasion. Our capabilities include mixing and matching colors, lenses, die-cut name it! If  you're not sure of what's best for your needs, call us. One of our professionals can discuss options and designs with you. We're always happy to create something original and imaginative that draws attention to your special event.

Order 3D Glasses from 3D Glasses Direct and see all the ways they can brighten your marketing picture.


3D Glasses Direct

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