new page


    Open new template

      1. On the File menu, select New, and then select Web

      2. Double click TG Religion-blue Web template.

      3. On the Format menu, select theme, and then select kreligion-blue theme


    Do not change this template's table layout.

        This template is optimized for 800 x 600 monitor resolution.


    Change the title of a page

        Right click a page in the navigation structure and select Rename.


    Delete a page

        Right click the page you want to delete and select Delete.


    Add a new page

      1. On the View menu, select Page

      2. On the File menu, select New, and then select Page

      3. On the General tab, you will see a list of page templates to choose from. 

          Double click TG Religion-blue template.

      4. Save the new page. (You will notice that there is no banner and navigation bars,

          but don't worry about it now.)

      5. Now switch to Navigation Structure by selecting Navigation from the View menu

      6. On the toolbar, select Folder List button . 

          Now you have Folder List on the left hand side and Navigation Structure

          on the right hand side.

      7. Click the newly created page in the Folder List and drag the page to the position

          in the Navigation Structure where you want it. 

          Rename the title of the page if you want to.

      8. Double click the page.  This will take you to the page view. 

          Now you see the banner and navigation bars.





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