3D Fireworks Glasses

3D Fireworks Glasses re the hottest item since the sparkler!! 3D Fireworks Glasses turn every dot dash and twinkle of light into a cascade of shimmering rainbow colors.

Fireworks Glasses let you view your world in bright new colors. The rainbow burst will amaze you. Printed in exciting full color graphics with educational information  on the back. Fireworks Glasses are great for watching Fireworks displays, Holiday Lights, City and Street Lights and even the Moon and Stars.

All of our 3D Fireworks Glasses use Holographic Diffraction Lenses-Highly efficient 13,500 lines per inch. double axis, holographic diffraction grating lenses. Make the study of light and color fun and easy. holographic diffraction grating lenses seperate light from any source into its spectral components for study and analysis.



Perfect for fireworks displays, festivals , street lights and the stars in the night sky


For an even greater selection of stock Fireworks Glasses Navigate to our Stock 3D Glasses section and click on the different design links on the left side of the screen!


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