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Axicon Rainbow Window™
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The Ultimate Sun Catchers!!
Transforms Light Into Living Color...
Just Hang'em in a Sunny Window

Axicon Rainbow Window™ Suncatcher - Your Rainbow Window™ sun catcher's state-of-the-art Holographic Prism starts with laser technology and ends with pure spectral color. Hanging from a window in direct sun light, your Rainbow Window™ sun catcher will transform light into an explosion of multiple hues. Pinwheels of vibrant color will fan your room... splashing walls, ceilings and floors. Spokes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet...and every shade in-between... will dance about the room, awash in a glorious shower of rainbow color. The effect will be absolutely spectacular!

Axicon Rainbow Window™

Everyone loves a Rainbow...
Experiment with your Rainbow Window™ and try several in different windows...
Have fun coloring your world.

*Remember - To Project Rainbows You Need Direct Sunlight.

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